Why Attend

We know there are literally hundreds of options out there, all vying for your time, resources, and attendance. So why choose to attend the ACENZ Annual Conference?


We all know that business tends to be better when you take time to meet face-to-face and forge those personal relationships, not only with your clients, but also your key stakeholders and industry colleagues. The engineering community is at the top of one of the busiest business cycles in decades. The ACENZ Conference brings together other senior leaders and decision makers in one place, so that you can make connections that count. Our typical attendee profiles are reflected below:






tends to be at the CEO/Director or Senior Management level tends to be entering Management or in a Senior Engineering role are our tried and true hard working engineers are international guests, clients, VIPs, or others


We also know that there are plenty of other events that bring together a similar set of people, but usually those are at niche events or regional conferences. At the ACENZ conference, you will get an array of attendees from the Director of an SME to the National Manager of a large firm; Christchurch engineers or Northland Project Managers. It's a great place to meet someone who may be your next collaborative partner on a project or send you a peer review referral job.



Another great reason to attend is that we've listened to you! This programme has been built on YOUR requests and YOUR voice straight from feedback collected from the ACENZ post-conference and personnel surveys.

We've mixed in some highly recommended Keynote speakers with Daniel Batten (serial entrepreneur and success coach) and Dr Tom Mulholland (healthy living and performance coach). We will also feature three Ministerial or government speakers to give updates on the issues that matter to you and a selection of other stakeholder voices.

This year we are focusing on providing practical solutions and real takeaways that you can return with and start implementing in your own businesses straight away. From topics such as Cyber risk, legal issues and how to prevent and prepare, to good company culture to attract the best to your firm. There should be something to intrigue and inspire you!


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Engineers work hard, so we feel that you should have the chance to play hard too. Our conference is easily accessible by both air and car, nestled in the heart of the North Island. An easy and scenic 3.5 hour drive from Auckland or 4.5 hour drive from Wellington, Taupo is the right setting to learn, network, and strengthen relationships...as well as invest in your own well-being with some beautiful scenery and fun leisure options for pre or post conference.


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